“When the discussion ends; the coercion begins.”

I am dedicated to creating a peaceful prosperous society by finding win-win solutions that empower people with  control of resources.

— Steven Thayn, Idaho State Senator

The objective of Idaho State Senator Steven Thayn is to educate and empower the people. He works hard behind the scenes to educate people, fellow legislatures, policy makers, and many others of ways for better education, healthcare, and policies that affect families and individuals.

The Thayn Report will inform you of win-win ideas, and show you how they can be implemented into state legislature.  Your comments are welcome.

What is Political Hate-Speech?

When the dialogue ends; the coercion begins. — Steven Thayn Violence inducing political rhetoric continues to increase lead by a few national political figures and the mainstream media. What is political hate-speech and what can be done about it? For example, Bernie...

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Health Issues Installment #3

ACA, AHCA, and California’s Single Payer System By Senator Steven Thayn The American health care system started developing three basic flaws beginning shortly after the end of WWII: a focus on health insurance, employers began to pay more of the costs creating a third...

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Russ Fulcher Running for 1st CD

When the dialogue ends, the coercion begins. Yesterday, Russ Fulcher announced that he is running for Congress and dropping out of the governor race.  Two men are running for the same office – David Leroy and Russ Fulcher.  My impressions of the two men follow. How...

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Medical Update from Senator Thayn

Dear legislators: It appears to me that the 2018 legislative session is setting up to be the “medical session” for several reasons: 1.       There is an interim committee to study the State Employee Group Insurance plan.  Undoubtedly, this committee made up of Senator...

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